Brown The Classicman

Brown The Classicman

The Soul Factor

Brown The Classicman whose real name is Dzivhuluwani Nenzhelele was born and bred in the middle Limpopo valley, far north, Mutale.

He grew up with immeasurable passion for radio. We can never separate radio and music and he has been a great collector of great classic records ever since he was young, which makes him the finest selector and regarded as a musicophile.

Listening to wireless all the time made him to draw a lot of inspiration from prominent legendary radio jocks from different radio stations and crunked up his vast knowlege of music genres. In 2006, he established his broadcasting career when he got his first radio gig after joining a campus radio station at UNIVEN.

Brown is also a voice one of the emerging great voice over artists. He host The Soul Factor on sunday between 3 and 6 pm. He gives you the best of R&B, Soul, Funk, Afro Soul, and Jazz serenades while dishing the out the highlights of the week.

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