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About Us

Nation Radio is a digital commercial radio station that serves you great musical content and thought provoking, fun chats. From the States to Africa, we got you covered. Plug in and Listen On!

Through our ground-breaking programming and music, we aim to be your first dial when you want to listen to an exciting radio station that you can easily relate to. The station broadcasts 24/7 with weekdays dedicated to automation and programming only kicking in on a Friday until Sunday midnight.

Broadcasting from Johannesburg, South Africa, Nation Radio is one station that does not conform to the traditional radio guide and rules. One of the station’s mandate is to unearth great musical content that can still fit within the station’s identity.

With the target audience of 23 to 40 of age, the station plays most popular genres with music taking 70% of the airtime and on-air talents pocketing the remaining 30% – broadcasting mainly in English.

At Nation Radio, listeners can expect quality musical content from RnB, Soul, House, a bit of Jazz, Kwaito, Rap, Hip-Hop, Lounge, Slow-Jam, Afro-Soul, Afro-Beat, Folk, Worship Gospel and Neo-Soul.

Our programming is carefully crafted, being able to accommodate and attract people from all walks of life. Being a music driven station, Nation Radio pride itself by being a fully entertainment station with its core focus being on ensuring that your listening experience is close to no other.

Not only do we serve our listeners fine music, we also have shows that are designed to shed a light and celebrate those are doing great as entrepreneurs.

Even though we are broadcasting from South Africa, the world is our stage and we continue feeding it variety of the rich African culture.

If you want to listen to a station that takes you serious, then look no further because Nation Radio is your home.

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